A Man And His Guide Dog Are Left In Tears After This Horrifying Event. Wow.

When a blind man named Cecil Williams was feeling faint while standing on a subway platform, his 10 year-old seeing eye dog Orlando did his very best to save him. 61 year-old Cecil began to sway and witnesses claim that Orlando, concerned for his master’s safety, attempted to pull him back from the ledge. What happened next is an animal act of heroism you won’t believe.

Orlando couldn’t stop his master from falling, so the pair toppled onto the live subway tracks.

Sensing danger, the dog barked, whined and licked Cecil’s face until he woke up.

Cecil realized he was on a subway track…

All he could do was hold tight onto Orlando and hunker down.

Orlando woke up Cecil just in time, because a train passed over them. Thankfully Cecil only got a gash on his head and Orlando survived.

The best friends broke down into tears of joy after surviving such a traumatic event.

But the drama isn’t over for Cecil and Orlando. The dog will be retiring next year and, because of Cecil’s insurance, the pair will be separated. The dog would then be classified as “non-working” and the insurance company won’t pay for him, even if he did help Cecil just the same. If he had the money, he would keep him. Not only is Orlando his best friend, but he is now his hero.


Help keep Cecil and Orlando together by donating here.

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