#OnePercentProblems: Twitter ‘rich’ declare their fair share of trouble


The hashtag isn&;t a new one, but Ann Romney&8217;s recent gasket-blowing &;you people&; remark apparently inspired Al Gore&8217;s Current TV to revive it as an anti-Romney hashtag game.

@current I ran out of gold flakes to feed my ballet dancing horse OnePercentProblems

— Jerry D (@SkyStroll) July 19, 2012

OnePercentProblems When YouPeople press all of the buttons on the car elevator.

— One-Legged Sandpiper (@OneLegSandpiper) July 19, 2012

As usual, it didn&8217;t take long for those greedy conservatives to hijack the hashtag and make it their own. Can&8217;t you people ever leave anything for the rest of us?

OnePercentProblems protecting my 14yr old from union thugs in my front yard

— EJ Haust (@erinhaust) July 19, 2012

OnePercentProblems I just sent the Obama another big check, and there he is demonizing me.

— Obama Agenda (@ObamaAgenda) July 19, 2012

Endless invites to Obama fundraisers OnePercentProblems

— Chandra (@75watt) July 19, 2012

Paying 40% of all federal income taxes and being told you don&;t pay your "fair share" OnePercentProblems

— Princess Trophy (@chelsea_elisa) July 19, 2012

OnePercentProblems trying to figure out how to ride out a potential second term of Obama without being lined up against a wall, Che style.

— Leatherneck Teufel (@LeftFighter) July 19, 2012

Deciding whether I want to go to an Obama fundraiser w/ Sarah Jessica Parker or George Clooney. Oh well, I&039;ll go 2 both! OnePercentProblems

— Kevin Eder (@keder) July 19, 2012

OnePercentProblems Trying to hire someone to clean the OWSer poop off your BMW.

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) July 19, 2012

OnePercentProblems&;Paying 70% of my employees health care costs so they can in turn bitch about their 30% contribution.

— Fred Wimpy (@fredwimpy) July 19, 2012


Hey, are all of you really one-percenters or are you just making this up? Let&8217;s see some tax returns!

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