Mucuna L-Dopa is Amazing!

Mucuna Is Changing Our Lives – For the Better

Our latest discovery here at is an amazing herb called Mucuna pruriens. The main, active ingredient in this herb is L-Dopa, or levodopa. This is one of those herbs that, upon first taking it, you can actually feel the benefits right away.

Mucuna pruriensLately, a few of us have been experiencing difficulty sleeping. We like to blame this on things such as the full moon, but we even couldn’t sleep when the moon was waning…or waxing(?)
After some suggestions from an herbalist friend, and a bit of our own research, we self-discovered an an herb called Mucuna pruriens. We were impressed with the number of benefits this herb has on humans. Although it is difficult for herbal companies to talk about, Mucuna L-Dopa has been found to subside the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The L-Dopa found in the Mucuna plant is more effective than the synthetic levodopa the medical industry has been trying to create.

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Some Other Benefits of Mucuna pruriens

Mucuna has long been used to help people addicted to opiate drugs such as heroin and meth. The fact that L-Dopa triggers the “happy” serotonin levels in your brain gives you a healthy, happy outlook on life. This is similar to what drugs do, but in a healthy, less substantial way. This sounds like a great alternative to drug therapy than weening off with the actual drug, which is not healthy.

So, none of us in our household suffer from Parkinson’s or drug abuse. Why are we talking Mucuna you might ask? Well, who doesn’t want to feel happy from a completely healthy, non-toxic herb?
We found that taking Mucuna L-Dopa before bed helped us sleep way better without feeling groggy in the morning. Our theory, along with many others, is that when our happy levels (serotonin) is triggered, those awful night time worries also go away, allowing our brains to rest, in turn allowing our bodies to fully rest.

Is Mucuna Addicting?

Addiction is a difficult thing to coin something with. Is Mucuna addicting in the sense that our body craves it? No. However, I feel if I don’t take Mucuna before bed I will most likely not get the best night of sleep. This is more of a psychological addiction. It’s a good this is a healthy “addiction”.

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