Pelosi says 9.5 million now covered thanks to O-care; Byron York has reality check!/Steve_Jaye/status/450651452571021312

is gushing today over an article in the LA Times:!/NancyPelosi/status/450650031679606784

Just last week, the Dems were rejoicing over a purported 6 million &8220;enrollees.&8221;!/PydePypper/status/450650783781228544

That&;s quite a leap.!/ommfgr/status/450651700794122241!/winojanet/status/450651354550132736

Well, the Dems have made it quite clear that facts just aren&8217;t important to them. But we&8217;re open-minded. We&8217;re willing to consider where this 9.5 million comes from.

The Washington Examiner&8217;s took a closer look:!/ByronYork/status/450665102145257472

Read it and weep:

The Times says the numbers break down like this: 4.5 million previously uninsured people are now on Medicaid; 3 million previously uninsured young people are now covered because of a provision that allows them to stay on their parents&8217; policies until age 26; and 2 million previously uninsured have purchased coverage on the exchanges. In all, it is &;the largest expansion in in America in half a century,&; according to the Times.

Assume all the numbers are correct, or at least close to correct. By far the largest part of Obamacare&8217;s coverage expansion has come from a) expanding Medicaid, and b) allowing young people to stay on their parents&8217; coverage. The part in which Democrats essentially blew up the health care markets, imposed the individual mandate, caused premiums to rise and deductibles to skyrocket? That hasn&8217;t been such a success. If the Times number are correct, all of that &; placing new burdens of higher costs and narrower choices on millions of Americans, in addition to setting the stage for coming changes in employer-based coverage &8212; has resulted in two million previously uninsured gaining coverage.!/ByronYork/status/450665201030139904

So, according to York, if we go by the LA Times&8217; breakdown, only 2 million people (21 percent) of the previously uninsured 9.5 million gained coverage through Obamacare exchanges.!/seanagnew/status/450669427739361280

The number of people who have gotten screwed by Obamacare is much higher:!/cherilboyer/status/450652307542114305

Millions &8230; and counting.!/jblanchard8012/status/450655053167067136

She&8217;s just plain misinformed. And we&8217;re paying for it.



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