#Foodrelatedmisquotes: Foodies unite!


Ah, after a nice Sunday brunch, no one wants to lose his or her satisfied food buzz. So, it&;s time for !

&;Nobody puts gravy in a corner&039; foodrelatedmisquotes

— Callum Collins (@callumcollins) July 15, 2012

Well, unless they are trying to bogart the yummy gravy. *whistling, averting eyes*

Twitter is never at a loss for creativity and this hashtag is no exception. Enjoy! With a nice snack. And remember, brevity is the Dover sole of wit.


foodrelatedmisquotes Two beans or not two beans.

— Barbara (@badpenny1931) July 15, 2012

foodrelatedmisquotes Red Sky at night: Turkish Delight.

— Robert Adam (@Robadam69) July 15, 2012

foodrelatedmisquotes The penne is meatier than the sword

— Sir Martin Lewis (@OnlyMartinLewis) July 15, 2012

A penne saved is a penne earned. foodrelatedmisquotes

— Eilonwy (@eilonwya10) July 15, 2012

May the force be with stew foodrelatedmisquotes

— Jim Gall5 (@JimGall5) July 15, 2012

Beware the pies of March foodrelatedmisquotes

— Jim Gall5 (@JimGall5) July 15, 2012

foodrelatedmisquotes "Quite frankly my dear I don&039;t give a ham"!

— Louisa Toff (@RigidBones) July 15, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the würst of times.&; foodrelatedmisquotes

— Steve (@Digital_Hobo) July 15, 2012

foodrelatedmisquotes You had me at jello.

— Sarcasam (@Smafa) July 15, 2012

foodrelatedmisquotes "Let slip the hot dogs of war"

— Doggerel (@gleads) July 15, 2012

@snarkandboobs "But Jerry, are you the Master of your Romaine?" Foodrelatedmisquotes

— Terry O&039; (@IrishTea1) July 15, 2012

Please, Twitter, may we have another? Keep them coming. We&8217;ll be back after a quick trip to Sonic; we&8217;re hungry now!

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