It takes just 3 Donna Brazile retweets to expose her pathological lies [pic]!//status/521680016414101507

Giggling madly. As reported, jumped on the desperation-filled Ebola Blame Train (because Bush or something). And she was roundly schooled.

@donnabrazile READ re Pandemic $: "the requested decrease is in &;s budget. Is he a Republican now?"

(@michellemalkin) October 13, 2014

@donnabrazile @michellemalkin Who runs the Senate, ? Who&039;s the President who signs the budget(or CR) into law?

— LetItBurnUSA (@LetItBurnUSA) October 13, 2014

.@donnabrazile Just curious-when was the last time Obama signed a budget? I&039;ll wait.

— Mathew S Harrison (@MathewSHarrison) October 13, 2014

There was another outrageous aspect to her buffoonery, however, as Michelle Malkin noted:

So now @donnabrazile wants to blame for Ebola threat that Dems have been insisting is not a threat. Pffft.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 13, 2014

Boom! Yeah, Donna, what happened to that whole Ebola is no biggie thing? Remember, you said there is nothing to fear and that the GOP is just trying to scare people.

"Wasn&039;t she out just a week ago basically saying Ebola is no big deal and the republicans are…" — Chris Hawkins

(@thejenn999) October 13, 2014

@donnabrazile @michellemalkin Obola who allowed Ebola in isn&039;t a threat. Wait! Now its a threat. We r desperate! Alinsky time, its the GOP!

— Barry Choom (@rapidcraft) October 13, 2014

Fast forward to today. Take a look at just three retweets from Donna Brazile.


Hmm. &;A threat&; and the &8220;most severe, acute health emergency.&8221; Wow, what a change in tune, Donna!

She then hinted at her next desperate spin attempt:

Medical Racism

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) October 13, 2014

@donnabrazile I would have thought you would know better than to try and stir the racism pot? Apparently not.

— montgomery (@golfnut332) October 13, 2014

She knows better about nothing. Nothing.

And here is an exit question for the pathological liar:

.@donnabrazile Interesting. On Oct. 11 you told us not to worry about Ebola -so why would we need a vaccine?

— &; Megan &10025; (@MeganSmiles) October 13, 2014

We&;ll wait.


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Read more:

It takes just 3 Donna Brazile retweets to expose her pathological lies [pic] is available on Healthy


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