Gasping for breath! Cartoon shows Pres. Stompy Foot’s next snit fit move?!/ToreyDawn/status/388187463832719360

Perfection? Achieved!

The Democrats&; shutdown has only resulted in the SpiteHouse and its spite cones, failing Barrycades and a disgraceful attempt at shutting down the Amber Alert website (just confusion, y&8217;all). Punishment? Ha! OccupyAmerica has turned it into civil disobedience.

Twitter users are loving the cartoon, which echoes the thoughts of many. President Stompy Foot, anyone?!/AnnSparksflying/status/388033930491731968!/jrbixby/status/388016900103348224

Here&8217;s an idea: Has anyone thought of giving him a time-out? Perhaps giving him his binky and laying him down for a nap?

Problems solved! You&8217;re welcome.

In the meantime, be sure to check out more of Glenn McCoy&8217;s brilliant cartoons. And perhaps start sending out this hilarious postcard:!/pixelsmith24/status/388019187584483328



Another block Mt. Rushmore attempt in the works? When spite cones fail, try this! [pic]

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Need proof that SpiteHouse Shutdown Theater is out of control? Look no further! [pic]

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Brilliant pic! New motto for Barrycade-breaching OccupyAmerica?

Screwed by the SpiteHouse: Blue Ridge inn forced to throw out food after shutdown closure

Priorities, plebs! Not shut down? Obama glam shots, stompy foot sammich-posing [pics]

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Families throw off the cones at Badlands National Park in South Dakota

We don’t need no stinkin’ safety! Laura Ingraham notes dangerous shutdown closure [pic]

‘Epic’ social media shutdown win! ICYMI: Check out this Urban Dictionary definition

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Gasping for breath! Cartoon shows Pres. Stompy Foot’s next snit fit move? was originally seen on Ageless Spine


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