Out: #BanBossy; In: FLOTUS, celebs’ moms ‘nag you’ to buy O-care [video]


The desperation &; it reeks.

That March 31 deadline is fast approaching, and the Obama administration is running out of ways to get young people to sign up for Obamacare. Tapping a generic mom doesn&;t seem to have done the trick, so now, they&8217;re bringing out the big guns:


Something tells us that these moms don&8217;t have to worry about their grown-up children losing their health coverage or being forced to find new doctors.


Good for her. But last time we checked, she&8217;s not our mom, and we&8217;re not children. So why does Team Obama insist on treating us like we&8217;re just a bunch of naïve kids who don&8217;t know what&8217;s good for us? It&8217;s getting really old — and really stupid:




No, you nag us because you&8217;re nags.


Great question.


Let them nag. Let them call us knuckleheads. We know what&8217;s best for us — and it isn&8217;t Obamacare.



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Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/03/14/out-banbossy-in-flotus-celebs-moms-nag-you-to-buy-o-care-video/

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