Rep. Steve Stockman questions liberal logic on health care and ‘children’!/ReElectStockman/status/330112575880699904

President Obama has said that he&;s &;very comfortable&; with the FDA&8217;s decision to lower to 15 the age at which Plan B emergency contraception can be purchased over the counter, but he&8217;s meeting with resistance from those who&8217;d like no age limit whatsoever. The president cited &8220;solid scientific evidence&8221; for the age cutoff but allowed that that could change, which shouldn&8217;t be a surprise: Democrats can&8217;t seem to nail down a definition of &8220;child,&8221; especially when it comes to the age when personal responsibility kicks in.

It turns out there&8217;s plenty of confusion out there when it comes to adulthood. Remember when Rush Limbaugh attacked that young girl, Sandra Fluke? Or when those two boys blew up the Boston Marathon?

@reelectstockman @pointlesspol sexually active 15 year olds are women but 18 year old bombers areboys? Go figure

— Randy Higginbotham(@higgster750) May 3, 2013

@reelectstockman @pointlesspol 29 year old bombers are young boys.

— Marilyn Long (@mlong42947) May 3, 2013

Girls 14 and under might not have to worry about getting their hands on Plan B in any case.

I wish there was some mark I could wear to signal to 14 yr olds that I will get them PlanB from the pharm if they need it inners

— Sally Carter (@sally3738) May 3, 2013

But what if you have to pay for it yourself? That&8217;s the real crime, right?

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Rep. Steve Stockman questions liberal logic on health care and ‘children’ is courtesy of Ageless Spine


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