Lake Tahoe Herbs and Travel

I recently attended a class at the local Community Colledge.  LTCC has an amazing selection  of ongoing edu classes they call it Community Connect.  They have classes for residents of all ages.  Kids classes like rock climbing and guitar classes, as well as adult class like the herb class I took to salsa dancing.  So the class I took was healing herbs of the Sierra’s with Gina Woods.

This class was amazing I had no idea how many healing herbs and plants were growing in this area.  I have always thought of this area as being pretty barren.   To my surprise, we are filled with an amazing array of things that be harvested most of the year.   The first part of the class as in the college where she showed us a slide show and talked about the seasonal use of tinctures, tea’s and salves.  Then we went out just up the road by the Truckee river and she pointed out tons of different plants that I had now idea were so healing.  We could barley walk more than 2 feet without an other discovery.

After we gathered some different plants we headed back to the college.  She explained the different methods for extracting and using the plants we collected.  There are several methods for each plant.  Learning these methods as well as the different delivery process in the body was very enlightening.


Collecting these herbs is amazing and can be done in what is called the shoulder season.  The shoulder season is the less busy time of the year late April-June and than October to Christmas. Looking for a great place to stay in the area.   Lake Tahoe is of course filled with hotels and motels.  Off-season Lakeshore Lodge and Spa has some great deals and they are a South Lake Tahoe hotel located right on the water.  Here is a link to their website 


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