Kevin Pollak really, really loves his new Tesla electric car!/kevinpollak/status/301119347848515584

Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk could use some cheering up tonight, after New York Times reporter John Broder published a lengthy travelogue suggesting the company’s Model S sedan lost its charge in cold weather and left him stranded by the roadside. While Musk and the Times hash things out, actor and comic Kevin Pollak has nothing but good things to say about his purchase. People really, really love this car.

@kevinpollakNope. You’re normal.

— Ray Young (@mostlydogs) February 12, 2013

@kevinpollak Be careful about that love thing when it’s plugged in!

— Mark Simmons (@MarkRiter) February 12, 2013

@kevinpollak Awesome!I’m jealous!

— Stephen B (@sbraswe1) February 12, 2013

@kevinpollak @elonmusk @teslamotors No that’s the recommended times for new owners…..

— Big Dave Little (@bigdavelittle) February 12, 2013

@kevinpollak ~ Glad you made love to the car and not the charger! You need no counseling, sounds like a natural response to a cool car!

— Steph Carmody (@CarmoSteph) February 12, 2013

It’s a cool car, but is it still cool when it gets cold?

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Kevin Pollak really, really loves his new Tesla electric car was first published to Ageless Spine


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