This Look Inside A Russian Mental Asylum Will Chill You To The Bones.

There are few things creepier than a run-down mental asylum. A run-down mental asylum in a shady part of a foreign country? Yeah, that’s definitely creepier.

Earlier this week, Reddit user twoeazy posted a few photos from his stay in a mental asylum in his home country of Russia. Twoeazy says he was sent there after an interview with a psychiatrist prior to his mandatory military service. Here’s how he tells it: 

In Russia, we have compulsory recruitment. Every recruit must go through a course of doctors to check if he’s somehow ill. So, when I had an honest conversation with psychiatrist, he decided to send me to asylum for a whole month for a bunch of reasons.

Twoeazy said the asylum is broken up into three floors. The first floor is for people with severe mental health issues, the second and third floors were for people with milder conditions. If you were admitted to the third floor you were allowed to have a computer, cell phone, camera, and even musical instruments, he said.

Upon his admittance to the asylum twoeazy said he was initially sent to the second floor and slept in a hallway until space opened up on the third floor. Here is his bed in the hallway with a feline visitor.

Believe me, you don’t want to know what’s in this box.

Here are a couple of the paintings in one of the stairwells of the asylum.

According to twoeazy, no one could remember who painted these murals. He suspects that it was a patient.

This one is pretty amazing.

Another depressing hallway, this time during the day.

This is a picture of the bathroom during the day. It’s still nearly pitch black. This is why, said twoeazy, that they never turned off the light in there.

This is twoeazy’s roommate from the asylum. He said this picture was taken as his roommate announced that he was going out for a walk. Apparently he walked around the hospital for four hours after this was taken.

(Via: Reddit)

Staying in a mental ward must be a traumatic experience, no matter who you are. But if that asylum is in terrible condition? It’s even worse. I can’t believe what some people have to go through.

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