Truth-ache! Nutshelled: Don’t miss this perfect Obamacare ‘glitch’ pic!/Matthops82/status/385441308464005120

Instant classic? We say, “hells yes.”

The O-care health insurance exchange websites remain error-riddled today. The White House is hilariously touting the number of visitors, but conveniently does not know how many have actually enrolled (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Perhaps they should borrow that photo for placement on the websites. It says it all.


‘Metaphor alert!’ WH touts high number of visitors to O-care website; Enrolled? Crickets

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‘Classic’ @BarackObama beclowning: ‘Obamacare is here’; So is hilarious mockery

Heckuva job! @HealthCareGov shamed into apology after touting glitchy O-care website

Oops! California’s health insurance exchange: It’s you? And spelling is hard [pic]

Online adventures with Obamacare: Reps admit ‘known’ security bug, but ‘please be patient,’ guys

‘So much for security!’ Health insurance websites continue ‘head desk’ fail

Hilarious! DNC touts ‘what affordable care looks like’; Citizens: Fixed it for you, DNC! [pics]

Surprise! Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don’t work; a total mess

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Instead Of Building Playgrounds For Children, These Cities Are Building Parks For Seniors

Communities need safe places for children to run and play. After all, children are our future…and raising an entire generation of future leaders can sometimes take an entire community. But what about the older generations? They shouldn’t be forgotten.

And, now, there are companies helping seniors stay happy and active.

This may look like a normal playground, but it’s for seniors. Not children.

The populations of many countries are getting older — and to help senior citizens stay healthy, some cities are building senior playgrounds.

People are living longer, and as we age, we can’t stop being active. That’s why countries like Spain are installing these positive hubs in communities.

Not only do these playgrounds help improve physical health, the parks also provide mental and social stimulation to its visitors. These senior playgrounds are social gathering places, too. Older generations are at risk for feeling isolated or depressed, but these parks encourage senior citizens to get out of the house and stay positive.

It may seem silly at first, but these kinds of projects help the senior community around the world.

These parks have exercise equipment such as elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and hand-eye dexterity games. They are all low-impact and easy for the seniors to use.

Companies like Must Have Play know that it’s important to keep seniors active — and hopefully their parks will begin to catch on in America like they have in Europe.

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‘Oh, karma’: Ghouls rush to blame Rick Warren for son’s suicide!/RubinReport/status/320676991676317697

@rubinreport It sounds like his son had SERIOUS mental health issues beyond depression.

— GayPatriot (@GayPatriot) April 6, 2013

@gaypatriot I would imagine. But if you’re gay and your dad is the biggest preacher in the country it could lead to mental health problems.

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) April 6, 2013

As more and more news outlets report the tragic death of Pastor Rick Warren’s son, it’s clear that no one knows anything beyond what Warren revealed in an email to staff announcing the suicide. We’re certain that even Warren, who wrote that son Matthew decided to take his own life “in spite of America’s best doctors, meds, counselors, and prayers for healing,” is asking why such a tragedy had to happen. While some are simply asking the questions that anyone might ask, many ghouls are laying blame at the feet of Warren himself.

@rickwarren your son died due to your anti-gay hate toward gay people including your son..

— boymv18 (@boymv18) April 6, 2013

Son of Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren has committed suicide. Place your bets on when its discovered he was gay. #ReligionKills #TCOT 

— ReallyRick (@TheReallyRick) April 6, 2013

Trust me, I AM being as charitable as I can be about hateful bigoted Pastor Rick Warren’s obvious failure with his own son!#Christian #Bible

— ✰Ҡℒăąẗμ βẵℜąḋⒶ Ñîḵẗø (@BlazePhoenix_) April 6, 2013

@blazephoenix_ I would’ve committed suicide if my dad was Rick Warren too.

— Rashid Hussein Obama (@rashid7053) April 6, 2013

I wonder if Rick Warren’s son was gay and killed himself because of his father’s anti-gay bashing?

— Mark Andrew Croft (@War_of_Kings) April 6, 2013

So what are the odds that Matthew Warren was gay and his father’s rhetoric contributed to his depression and suicide?

— Matt (@tpamatt) April 6, 2013

Rick Warren’s son committed suicide. They never say what his “mental illness” was. Being gay is a “mental illness” according to Warren.

— Michael Ditto (@janus303) April 6, 2013

@cnnbrk rick warren is a gay basher, rape, misogyny, slavery, incest & pedophelia condoner! son suicide #atheists

— . (@anotheraka) April 6, 2013


— Chango (@changoland) April 6, 2013

Is homophobic preacher Rick the prick warrenresponsible for his sons death? Remember he contributes $$ to Uganda where gays were murdered!

— WILLEM KRAAL (@WILLEM6) April 6, 2013

Pastor Rick Warren never let up his bigotry while gay youth’s parents were grieving. Now he is grieving his own son’s suicide. Oh, #karma.

— David Tessaro (@davetessaro) April 6, 2013

Dear Rick Warren: now U know the “anguished grief” parents of gay teen suicides feel after listening 2 U and UR ilk’s anti-gay hate speech.

— Jeffrey Christian (@jeffreychrist) April 6, 2013

A lot of degenerates like @6kidneybean hoping Rick Warren’s son was gay so they can attack religion:…

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) April 6, 2013

Blogger Sooper Mexican did his best to compile some of the most offensive remarks before they were deleted, but sadly, we don’t imagine there will be a shortage of new ones any time soon as long as Christians are involved.

Seriously, find a heart if your reaction to a Rick Warren’s son’s suicide is snark or hate.

— Matthew Balan (@MatthewJLB) April 6, 2013

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A Sweet Little Girl Gives Her Dog The Most Adorable Checkup

For this little girl, there’s nothing more important than keeping her best friend healthy. She always makes sure that her dog, Nala, is in tip-top condition by feeding her the best food, taking her for walks, and even giving her full-blown exams.

She decided that Nala needed a checkup one day, so the patient pup settled in and let her buddy start her veterinary training early. Needless to say, this pair is beyond adorable.

She’s clearly a vet in the making, and she has the most helpful patient in the world!

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The Ultimate Black Hair Poll

Is your salon within 30 minutes of your house?

  1. Who taught you how to do your hair?

    1. Mom/Aunt/Grandma/Other family member.
    2. I still don’t know how, that’s why I go to the salon.
    3. YouTube.

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. How often do you get your hair done?

    2. Maybe once a month.
    3. Only for a trim or touch-up every few months.
    4. Never. I can do it myself (or at least have a family member help).

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. Is your salon within 30 minutes of your house?

    1. I WISH. It’s a journey through Middle Earth to get to my hair salon.
    2. Yep. The closer the better.

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. Would you ever go to a non-black hair salon?

    1. It really depends on the service I want done.
    2. Nope. I’ve had too many bad experiences.

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a hair appointment?

    1. Less than $100.
    2. Between $100 and $500.
    3. More than $500… depending on the style.

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. How often do you wash your hair?

    1. Every day or at least every other day.
    2. Once a week like clockwork.
    3. When it starts to smell a bit — whenever that is.
    4. Whenever I go to the hair salon.

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. Is your hair still natural if you dye it?

    1. Yes, as long as it’s not relaxed.
    2. Nope, dye is still a chemical.
    3. I really don’t care.

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. For the relaxed ladies: Have you ever thought about going natural?

    1. Not really. This is what works for me.
    2. Yeah, but the whole transitioning part would be such a headache, no?

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll


  1. For the natural hair ladies: How often do you use heat styling tools?

    1. Pretty close to never.
    2. I like it straight, what can I say?

The Ultimate Black Hair Poll

Was THIS the most embarrassing moment for Trump at the MSNBC town hall?

This is pretty embarrassing for Donald Trump.

At the Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski hosted town hall,last night in South Carolina, Brezezinski read a quote about a candidate who:

“is considered a political outsider by all the pundits. He’s tapping into the anger of the voters. Delivers a populist message. He believes everyone in the country should have health care. He advocates for hedge fund managers to pay higher taxes. He’s drawing thousands of people at his rallies and bringing in a lot of new voters to the political process. And he’s not beholden to any Super PAC.

She then asked, “Who am I be describing?”

To everyone watching at home, the answer was obvious: Bernie Sanders (that was who she was talking about). Trump’s answer, however? “You’re describing Donald Trump.”


Apparently even The Donald can’t tell the difference between his own policies and Bernie Sanders.

You mean this look?

With a bonus facepalm in the background.

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‘WHITE PNEUMATIC POWER!’ ThinkProgress: Air is totes racist, you guys!/hboulware/status/456831487560941568

It’s called ThinkProgress for a reason. They see things we couldn’t even begin to understand. Things like this:!/JuddLegum/status/456828302062149632

No, really. It’s science!

study produced by the University of Minnesota concluded that race is a determining factor in who is most affected by air pollution. Specifically, non-white people breathe air that is substantially more polluted than the air that white people breathe.

According to Julian Marshall, who led the University’s research, race outweighed income in regards to who is most affected by poor air quality. When low-income white people were compared to high-income Hispanic people, the latter group experienced higher levels of nitrogen dioxide. Altogether, people of color in the U.S. breath air with 38 percent more nitrogen dioxide in it than their white counterparts, particularly due to power plants and exhaust from vehicles.

 Allllrighty, then.!/hboulware/status/456831609879031808!/Matthops82/status/456831746483306497

I'd like to revise my previous statement…

This is officially the dumbest thing I've read all year.…— Matthew (@Matthops82) April 17, 2014

I'd like to revise my previous statement again…

This is officially the dumbest thing I've ever read.…— Matthew (@Matthops82) April 17, 2014

Dumb? Absolutely. But more importantly, it’s a gold mine for mockery:!/mjrod/status/456833856952233984!/kankokage/status/456841764012171265!/flyoverangel/status/456831717181890560

But just in case it isn’t …!/Miss_Wisconsin/status/456844211849928705

Sounds like a pretty good deal.!/TheRealBepo/status/456840188149239808!/RedGalBlueState/status/456831646684430337!/Will_Antonin/status/456833575422537728


Quick! Is Harry Reid available for comment?!/TheBrandonMorse/status/456835831278231552!/Aaron_RS/status/456833105525866497!/NathanWurtzel/status/456835099213197312

Anyone up for a brief musical interlude?!/SeeTac7/status/456833712852717568

Good stuff.!/baldingschemer/status/456838199243857920!/baldingschemer/status/456839345375543298

Hey … that’s true!

Parting prediction:!/baldingschemer/status/456833860307656704



Twitchy coverage of ThinkProgress

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This Look Inside A Russian Mental Asylum Will Chill You To The Bones.

There are few things creepier than a run-down mental asylum. A run-down mental asylum in a shady part of a foreign country? Yeah, that’s definitely creepier.

Earlier this week, Reddit user twoeazy posted a few photos from his stay in a mental asylum in his home country of Russia. Twoeazy says he was sent there after an interview with a psychiatrist prior to his mandatory military service. Here’s how he tells it: 

In Russia, we have compulsory recruitment. Every recruit must go through a course of doctors to check if he’s somehow ill. So, when I had an honest conversation with psychiatrist, he decided to send me to asylum for a whole month for a bunch of reasons.

Twoeazy said the asylum is broken up into three floors. The first floor is for people with severe mental health issues, the second and third floors were for people with milder conditions. If you were admitted to the third floor you were allowed to have a computer, cell phone, camera, and even musical instruments, he said.

Upon his admittance to the asylum twoeazy said he was initially sent to the second floor and slept in a hallway until space opened up on the third floor. Here is his bed in the hallway with a feline visitor.

Believe me, you don’t want to know what’s in this box.

Here are a couple of the paintings in one of the stairwells of the asylum.

According to twoeazy, no one could remember who painted these murals. He suspects that it was a patient.

This one is pretty amazing.

Another depressing hallway, this time during the day.

This is a picture of the bathroom during the day. It’s still nearly pitch black. This is why, said twoeazy, that they never turned off the light in there.

This is twoeazy’s roommate from the asylum. He said this picture was taken as his roommate announced that he was going out for a walk. Apparently he walked around the hospital for four hours after this was taken.

(Via: Reddit)

Staying in a mental ward must be a traumatic experience, no matter who you are. But if that asylum is in terrible condition? It’s even worse. I can’t believe what some people have to go through.

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Quarantined ‘hero’ Ebola aid worker planning to sue over her confinement!/chelsea_elisa/status/526489548520710145

The latest news on Kaci Hickox, the nurse currently quarantined in New Jersey under new guidelines for those traveling to the United States after treating Ebola victims in Africa, will file a lawsuit challenging the legality of her confinement:

And as you might expect, there are strong opinions on both sides of the debate regarding this move:

And earlier on today, Ms. Hicox sent out pics of her “prison-like” accommodations as a guest of the state of New Jersey:

We must admit, New Jersey can have her in nicer digs than this, no?

But even before he lawyers can get a lawsuit filed, the White House is making noise that they are none too happy with the way Governors Cuomo and Christie acted on this quarantine without discussing it with the president or the CDC first:

And then there’s this news:

Uh-oh Governor Christie. Who knows what these two are getting ready to blame on you.


Full Twitchy coverage of Ebola here.



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